GGFL's 2021 Beyond The Numbers Series

GGFL’s 2021 Beyond The Numbers Series

It’s over. At long last we have put 2020 behind us, the lockdown will hopefully end soon, and we can start to look to the future with some optimism. Thanks to the vaccines, there are brighter days ahead for our economy and community.

But we are not out of the woods, and the road ahead will still be difficult. GGFL is here to help by advising and supporting business owners each step of the way as they begin to recover.

To start the process, we are presenting a series of online discussions with experts and business leaders who will share their insights and experiences so that you can make informed business decisions on the road to recovery.

The second instalment of our Re:Cover series takes place March 3rd.

How Gordon McMillan is rebuilding his branding agency

Wednesday, March 3rd
8:30am – 9:30am
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Many businesses across multiple sectors are facing dire financial circumstances that were unimaginable just twelve short months ago. And with government aid programs set to expire in June, business leaders are facing difficult choices that will impact their ability to survive and rebuild.

For Ottawa’s leading branding agency, McMillan, hard times happened even before the pandemic struck. In this live presentation, host Anne Van Delst and guest Gordon McMillan will discuss the choices Gordon faced in 2019 as revenues collapsed and how seeking creditor protection allowed the organization to regain its footing in 2020.

Topics Gordon and Anne will cover include:

  • The different options for restructuring the agency and how they were evaluated
  • How the agency has adapted its strategy and service delivery
  • The changes that have been made to the agency’s internal operations that have helped financial results
  • How Gordon has developed and executed a plan for growth during the pandemic

In the second half of our presentation, Anne will be joined by Chantal Gingras of Ginsberg Gingras, a firm of licensed insolvency trustees (LIT) and a leader in the field of financial reorganization and Insolvency.  They will discuss the options and steps to take to restructure and save a business with significant debt, including:

  • The pros and cons and the distinction between a Division I Proposals and the Companies’ Creditors Arrangements Act (CCAA) and how to qualify for these options
  • What professionals you need to support your restructuring
  • Why you should talk to a licensed insolvency trustee before creditors issue a Notice under section 244 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act,

Chantal and Anne will also discuss how and when to proceed with bankruptcy if the business is not viable or ceases to operate.

Missed the first instalment of our series with guest George Hanna, President and CEO of Gabriel Pizza? Watch the recording below.

re:Design – How Gabriel Pizza Transformed Their
Ordering System in the Middle of the Pandemic

Gabriel Pizza’s President and CEO George Hanna and Chad Saikaley’s in-depth discussion on how Gabriel’s weathered the pandemic storm by modernizing a key part of its operation, including:

  1. How risk analysis and financial projections were used to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the business
  2. What contingency plans were considered to reduce the financial impact of COVID-19 and how each was evaluated
  3. The key steps and considerations that went into the planning and rollout of their new ordering system