Every task I was assigned was a learning opportunity — Eilish Quinn, Staff Accountant (Co-op graduate)

Like most students looking into a co-op position, Eilish wanted to learn as much as possible during her work term. She investigated the experiences offered by small, medium, and multinational firms.

“I knew GGFL was right for me when I did the office walk-through after my interview,” says Eilish. “Everyone here was so welcoming.” Her instincts were right. “People here are supportive. They encourage you to ask questions, and truly want to see you succeed. I was part of the team from the get-go.”

Eilish has completed her co-op terms at GGFL. She’s enjoyed working directly with partners and managers, interacting with clients from a range of industries, and taking on the challenge of working on a file from start to finish.

“I think I’ve learned more in my  co-op terms than in my four years at university. You just can’t grasp the intricacies of an audit, for example, until you take on the file and actually do the work.” Also very useful was working directly with her clients. “I’ve learned how to engage with them, and to try to understand a client’s level of knowledge so I can adjust my questions accordingly,” adds Eilish.

Her advice for students coming in? “At GGFL, working with different partners and managers allows you to study their individual efficiencies and processes. As you progress in your experiences, you should take advantage of this exposure and develop your own set of best practices. In addition, you have the opportunity to work first-hand on a variety of accounting services. These learning experiences will help you to broaden your knowledge and can assist you in developing your career as an accounting professional.”

Eilish graduated from the University of Ottawa in December 2015 and is now a full-time staff accountant.