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GGFL offers specialized services for non-profit and charitable organizations, so when the executive director of a local charity met GGFL partner Jeff Miller at a fundraising event in 2011, the conversation naturally shifted to the organization.

“They happened to be in the market for a new accounting firm because they had simply outgrown the old one,” says Jeff Miller. “It was clear from our discussion that GGFL’s expertise in the sector, and the importance we place on building relationships with our clients, meshed well with their needs and preferred way of doing business.”

In the three years since switching to GGFL, the organization has continued to grow and, as a result, their needs have expanded beyond the annual audit.

“We pride ourselves on value-added services and open lines of communication,” explains GGFL associate partner Leslie Milton. “As their needs grew, so did the services we offered.”

In addition to audit and compliance services, the charity can count on GGFL to help them educate board members. “Board members have a lot of responsibility,” adds Leslie. “They appreciate and need our help in understanding both the financial statements and the risks facing their organization.  For many, taking on the director’s role is the first time they have to review and understand financial statements.  Developing this skill is critical – both for the organizations to operate effectively and for the individuals to discharge their duties as directors.”

Like most non-profits and charities, the organization does not have endless cash flow – despite its growth. However, working with organizations in the non-profit sector has never been about the bottom line.

“We understand the financial constraints the non-profit industry faces,” explains Jeff. “We believe it is our responsibility to assist these organizations that make Ottawa such a great city. Giving back to the community is part of the fabric of the firm, and it has been since 1946.”

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