GGFL’s Newest Additions and Promotions in our Tax Team

GGFL’s Newest Additions and Promotions in our Tax Team

GGFL specializes in owner-managed businesses. Our primary focus is working with owners/shareholders and their families, and our tax planning reflects this.  

We practice tax and estate planning to ensure our clients have the optimal corporate and estate structures to achieve their financial goals, benefit from all available tax opportunities, and are compliant with the relevant income tax statutes.   

Over the years, GGFL has developed a reputation of providing exceptional service to our clients.  This reputation, which we feel is in large part due to our considerable tax expertise, has led to significant growth over the years.  We continue to invest in our Tax team and are delighted to announce the following additions and promotions:  

Carol DeMone joined us in January 2017 as a Tax Manager. She has experience at both national and local accounting firms. Specializing in owner-managed businesses, Carol is well experienced in  the restructuring area.  As well, she enjoys researching tax matters and writing articles.  Carol will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to the Team. 

Kody Wilson, Tax Manager, has successfully added  Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) to his credentials, after a number of years of study.  Kody has now taken on a major role in GGFL’s Business Valuations services area. 

Adam Massia became a Supervisor in the Tax Team in January. Adam continues to increase his knowledge in all tax areas and has a natural ability to build strong relationships with both clients and staff.  Adam’s effective coaching skills will be of optimum value to the team during our imminent tax season.