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Family office services Maximizing Legacy: Combining Estate Planning with the Donation of Shares in a Private Corporation

September 05, 2023

For successful business owners, donating shares in their private corporation to a registered charity can provide the opportunity to fulfil


Jeffrey Miller

featured-image Business operations Business Overhead Costs: When and Where to Cut When Sales are Slowing

August 24, 2023

While talk of a recession in Canada has waned in recent months, many small and mid-sized businesses are experiencing increasingly

featured-image Business operations CRA Interest Rates: The Growing Cost of Late Tax Payments

July 13, 2023

Rising interest rates aren’t just impacting mortgage rates and other loans, they are also impacting the cost of late payments


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Medical pracitioner walks elderly patient outside of care home

Medical Expense Tax Credit – Nursing Homes vs. Retirement Homes

The federal and Ontario governments have tax credits available to taxpayers, including those paid for… Read more

A concept image of car maintenance costs with keys, wrench, calculator and coins on financial spreadsheet

DOs and DON’Ts of Claiming Car Expenses for Business Owners

Vehicle expenses. It is one simple line on a tax return, but it can cause… Read more

Magnifying glass on the words Family trust in a letter

The Use of Family Trusts by Business Owners

This article provides an overview of various planning matters related to the use of a… Read more


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Illustration of hand giving money another hand on the first of the month.

Tenants in Canada at Risk for Non-Resident Landlord Withholding Taxes

A recent ruling from the Tax Court of Canada may have significant ramifications for commercial… Read more

Stopwatch with loan written at the top and clock hands nearing the top.

CEBA Loan Repayments Due at Year-End

Business owners should be planning their CEBA loan repayment now to ensure the funds are… Read more

Invoice with large red PAID stamped on

Five Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Collecting Unpaid Invoices

Five common errors that business owners make when attempting to recover unpaid debts from customers. Read more

cubes with the word

How to Sell Your Business – Webinar Series

In the coming decade, over $2 Trillion in small business assets in Canada are expected… Read more

Measuring tape measures the word 'performance' on a black board.

KPIs for Growing Businesses

It is important to establish metrics that are inter-connected and to understand how each impacts… Read more

cubes with the word

How to Sell Your Business Guide

This guide to selling your business sets out the steps, processes, and options when selling… Read more

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