Zachary Bronstein CPA, CA Associate Partner


Joined GGFL 2023

Became a Partner 2023

My goal when working with clients is to deliver the most beneficial tax and business advice. That starts by getting to know my clients so that I can understand their overall business objectives, as well as their personal, familial, financial, estate and succession objectives. 

A large part of my practice is focused on helping entrepreneurs manage and optimize their tax obligations. I’ve also worked extensively in mergers and acquisitions. That involves working with business principals and founders, company management and shareholder groups and helping them facilitate the sale of their business in a tax efficient manner.  

Prior to joining GGFL, I spent 12 years at national accounting firms learning and perfecting the craft of advising high net worth and corporate clients.  I’m driven by the desire to make meaningful contributions to my clients’ success. There’s no one right answer for every client and I really enjoy working and collaborating with clients and colleagues to find the best solution to often complex tax challenges.


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