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After working with clients in Ottawa’s construction industry for decades, we offer an in-depth knowledge of the contracting process, bonding requirements, union benefits and wages, the most recent WSIB rules, and financing for retrofits vs. new builds – just to name a few. We understand the cyclical nature of your work and know how important it is to keep key staff with you through lean times. We’ll propose strategies to help you do just that, and put a plan in place to help you manage growth and work more efficiently in busy times.

How We Help


Performance management

We look at your year-end numbers with operational performance in mind. We will arm you with a thorough understanding of your financial results—and what’s happening behind them—so you can make better informed decisions for your business.


Corporate structure, compensation strategies, and tax minimization

The strategies that made sense when you first bought or established your business may not be the most suitable today. We cast a critical eye on how your company operates and will advise you if changes are necessary.


Succession and estate planning

As your industry is mainly based on contracts, planning for your succession on retirement can be quite complex. It’s especially true if you are selling to a third party rather than to an employee or to the next generation in your family. We can help you prepare your business for sale, advise on the best structure and help determine the value of your business so that you get the best return on all of the time and hard work that you’ve invested.


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