Financial Reporting + Tax Compliance

From tax filings to financial statements, we
work to keep you on-side with CRA and informed
about your financial performance.


Financial statements

The need for financial statements that clearly articulate your financial performance may vary from year-end reporting to owners and other stakeholders, to applying for loans, to selling the business. We’ll work with you to decide on whether a compilation, review or audit engagement is most appropriate for your situation.


Corporate and personal tax returns

Tax laws and rules change constantly. Our specialists stay on top of the developments to ensure you are taking advantage of opportunities, while staying compliant with tax laws.


Government reporting requirements

Every level of government has different requirements for reporting, and these can change. We stay on top of the requirements, so you don’t have to, and prepare your documents so your business is fully compliant.



Budgeting and cash flow management are challenging for many businesses. We’ll look at your current situation and your plans for the future to determine how to best allocate your assets, plan for debt repayment, and build equity.


Non-profit accounting and compliance

Non-profit organizations have unique tax rules and reporting requirements. Our team has a depth of experience in this sector, and can advise on best practices for non-profit accounting and provide the right level of assurance engagement for our financial reporting obligations.


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