Advising healthcare professionals—physicians,
dentists and specialists—on the very specific
financial aspects of running your practice.

We can help your:

You’ve made it through all those years of school. Now that you are practicing, GGFL can help you effectively manage your professional and private finances so you start off on the right path. Professional and financial decisions we can advise you on include:

  • Repayment plans for student loans
  • Claiming expenses on your tax returns
  • When to incorporate
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There’s so much more to running your medical practice than they covered in medical school. GGFL’s experienced healthcare team lets you focus on your patients, practice and research, while we support your business through our tax, accounting and practice management expertise.
We advise medical professionals on:

  • Maximizing the use of your corporation in practice to monitor your retained earnings and determine your compensation plan
  • Transitioning from practice to retirement and using your corporation to meet your retirement goals
  • Coordinating the transfer of medical corporations to or from Ontario
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There is so much more to dentistry than exceptional care for your patients. Your practice is a business with many complicated and moving parts including staff, facilities, equipment, professional development, and financial management.

Our experienced healthcare team advises dentists on all aspect of their business and helps ensure you reap the rewards for your years of dedication and hard work. Areas we advise dental practitioners on include:

  • Working with Associates to file their taxes and minimize taxes
  • Structuring the purchase of a dental practice
  • Monitoring the pulse of the financial management of your practice
  • Assessment on buy or lease options for equipment and premises
  • Planning the sale of your practice to maximize the value
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“We appreciate the professional service provided to us and how promptly GGFL responds to our questions and concerns. They have provided us with worry free support for the past 4 years.”

“Professional and knowledgeable. I trust my accountant for my financial needs.”

“Years of ongoing collaborative work, good advice, and satisfaction with service. Great people and communication skills.”


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