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Josh Engel,

Assurance + Advisory Services


At GGFL, we have been around long enough to know that when it comes to
personal and business finance solutions there is no such thing as one-sizefits-all.

Our tax, assurance and business strategy advisors work together to
discover the opportunities behind your numbers so that you can achieve
your business and personal financial goals.

Our firm is values driven. Our core values are the foundation for our business.


We are dedicated to
developing, sharing and
applying our expertise.


We are always asking
questions and seeking
innovation and growth


We are committed to
building strong
relationships within our
firm, with our clients
and in our community.


We all share the
responsibility of owning,
knowing and doing
what needs to be done.

Specialist expertise at your disposal

Tax Expertise

Your financial situation is unique, but tax and financial planning is something that can benefit everyone. Strategic tax advice is the at the centre of all our work with clients. Our team of specialists offers personalized service, experience, and an understanding of the intricacies of the tax rules and Canada Revenue Agency regulations that will work to your advantage in the short and long-term.

Seeing Beyond the Numbers

Helping you meet your long-term business and personal goals takes much more than preparing financial statements and tax returns. Our team is dedicated to learning about your unique goals, opportunities and challenges to deliver proactive solutions that will help you succeed.

Our Team Approach

As a client of GGFL, you will benefit from the services of a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team. Our tax, assurance and business strategy advisors work together to discover how best to achieve your business and personal financial goals.

Client Service Excellence

At GGFL, you will work with a team that includes a Partner and Manager. If necessary, a second Partner will act as a File Quality Reviewer. We do our best to provide continuity in your team year over year. We build trusting relationships, as another one of our values

Our work has one goal: to carefully meet clients’ high expectations by offering smart, common sense financial advice.

So how are we doing in that regard?

A little more than a year ago, during the depths of the COVID pandemic, we invited all of our clients to participate in a client service survey run by an independent research company. Close to 500 clients responded. We were delighted, and immensely proud, at the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. In fact 80% of clients rated us 10 out of 10 or 9 out of 10 for overall satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

Our clients have their say

They were engaged in getting to know our industry and company nomenclature and methods of business and are now very well versed in our industry and our (relatively) complicated business. I always feel that GGFL is “in our corner” helping us navigate the financial world.”

ClearlyRated Client Survey, October 2021

They are thorough, competent and have always done nothing but the best for me and my companies. I would highly recommend this firm

ClearlyRated Client Survey, October 2021

They provide excellent guidance and allow me to focus on growing my business.

ClearlyRated Client Survey, October 2021

Good personal service with an understanding of our family and business needs. Excellent communication as well as technical skills.

ClearlyRated Client Survey – October 2021

I have always known that I can trust GGFL LLP to look after my needs safely and completely.

Pat Palmer – October 2021

Excellent guidance, service and understanding of my business.

Ron Gallant , Affinity Video Production Ltd. – October 2021

Enjoy the personal contact with the professionals at the firm. Always responsive and informative. Very knowledgeable and very personable.

Dr. Elizabeth MacSween – October 2021

For over 20 years GGFL has consistently provided excellent service to me personally and to all of my businesses.

ClearlyRated Client Survey – October 2021

Without a second thought, GGFL can be relied on to do the right thing, in the right way, to meet the needs of my companies and my personal accounting.

ClearlyRated Client Survey – October 2021

Nothing but excellent service, helpfulness with difficult taxation systems and extremely responsive.

ClearlyRated Client Survey – October 2021

Personal and thorough understanding of me and my family’s needs and future planning.”

ClearlyRated Client Survey – October 2021

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Technology + Innovation

GGFL is a paperless work environment. We have invested in new, leading edge technology to take advantage of the added efficiency and client confidentiality it offers and thankfully are ready to work remotely when needed.

We give all clients access to a secure, easy-to-use file sharing and transfer service. It’s a quick, efficient and secure system for sharing of documents. Year-end financial statements, reports, documents, accounting files—any and all documents we need to share are transferred electronically. The majority of our clients have embraced the new system; they appreciate that it allows us to do our work more quickly and get results back to them with equal efficiency.

Adam Aronson


Expertise in accountancy is about keeping up with legislative and professional changes and change is the new constant. It’s why professional development is a key requirement for each member of our GGFL team, from Partner to co-op student. 

In fact, continuous improvement is at the heart of the GGFL culture and one of our four Core Values.

GGFL’s Director of Standards and our Professional Practice Committee oversee training and development and ensure our teams remain at the leading edge our profession.


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