Family Office Services

Great care, expertise and attention to detail are critical to manage and protect your assets so that you and your family can fulfill your business, personal and charitable pursuits, while ensuring a strong financial and family legacy is passed on to the next generation.


Centralized management of your financial affairs and advisors

Managing your many assets and financial interests requires a holistic approach. We ensure all your legal, investment, insurance and other trusted advisors are working effectively together as a team to meet your needs and goals.


Running your day-to-day accounting and family finances

The day-to-day running of your household and family finances can be time-consuming. Our team will take responsibility for the day-to-day management of your family’s finances so that you can focus your time on the things that matter most. Our services include paying bills and staff payroll, budgeting and cash flow, and the purchasing of major assets.


Tax planning and financial reporting

Having significant and diverse assets that are shared by multiple family members can result in unnecessarily high annual taxes and complex CRA filings. Our in-depth tax knowledge and effective tax strategies will help you plan out how your assets are distributed each year. We will prepare your tax returns and provide financial reports so that all family members have a clear understanding of your finances and tax obligations.


Philanthropy and foundations

Our advisors will help you meet your family’s charitable giving objectives now, and in the years to come. Through tax efficient planned giving or the creation of your own family foundation, we will work with you and your family to create a meaningful charitable giving plan that makes a difference.


Estate and legacy planning

Through careful consultation and planning, our team will help you put in place an estate plan that meets your goals and reduces estate administration tax, while passing your wealth to heirs and other beneficiaries in a safe and prudent manner. We can be the objective facilitator for family discussions to explain the complexities that are involved in these sensitive decisions.


Wealth structuring and risk management

Structuring your assets in an effective manner can have a significant impact on your taxes, help protect your privacy and prevent your assets from being part of any litigation claim. Our team will analyze your holdings and needs to determine the most appropriate structure for you and your family.


Wealth sharing and transitioning to future generations

Wealth offers great benefits to families, but can also be the cause of stress and conflict. Our team of experienced advisors help families navigate and communicate how wealth will be shared and protected today and in the future. We can help future generations be prepared to carry on your legacy with financial acumen and savvy.


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