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Donna Ho-Faloon

Donna Ho-Faloon, CPA, CA

Donna Ho-Faloon, CPA, CA

Partner, Head of Health Professional Practice

I have a strong work ethic that comes from my parents who immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in the 1960s. Arriving in a new country, my mother learned English and worked to support my father while he completed his doctoral degree. That hard work and determination has always been an inspiration to me.

I have always been good with numbers and was interested in business, so I gravitated toward accounting quite naturally. Once I started working with clients, I discovered that the opportunity to connect with them and help them understand the various ways they can save the money they work so hard to earn is incredibly rewarding.

My expertise is in tax planning for medical and other healthcare professionals. As the leader of the GGFL medical team, along with Hugh Faloon, the majority of my clients are doctors and dentists; however, I also work with other private business owners. What sets us apart from other firms are the value added services we provide as professionals and the personal relationships we build with our clients. That is why most of our clients have trusted us for decades, and the majority of new clients come from referrals.

My spouse and children help me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We make time in our hectic schedules to enjoy the outdoors together—playing tennis, trail running, and snowboarding.

Donna joined GGFL in 1998 as a co-op student and was named partner in 2015.

“Donna has developed an expertise in the medical and dental professional practice that helps guide our clients through their financial challenges,” says GGFL partner Hugh Faloon. “She excels in assisting clients from their time as residents all the way through to their retirement.”