Engel Josh

Josh Engel

Josh Engel, CPA, CA, LPA

Managing Partner

Interestingly enough, the reason I became an accountant and the reason I love my job today are opposites. Before I truly understood what accounting was, I wanted to study it because I like definitive answers and logic; but now I love the fact that accounting is anything but black and white. I pride myself on being the trusted advisor to my clients, most of whom are business owners, and helping them with all of their issues.

I have developed strong relationships with my clients over the past 20 years. I genuinely care about them and their families’ personal and financial well-being. Through GGFL’s true team-based approach, we are able to respond to all of our clients’ needs. They know when they call GGFL, they will get to speak to me or with someone who knows their file. We are proactive in our approach and are always working to ensure their needs are met.

Josh joined GGFL in 1996 and became a partner in 2010.

“Josh genuinely cares about his clients,” says GGFL partner Anne Van Delst. “He provides them with sound business advice and takes pride in contributing to their success.”