Strategic & Advisory Services

We offer a range of specialty services to take your business forward, and help you deal with challenging business and personal financial situations.

Business valuation

You may be surprised to learn that most business owners tend to over or undervalue their business. A proper valuation is essential for selling a business, arranging additional financing, or planning for your future. Our independent and objective valuation will help you understand —and leverage—your company’s true value.

Forensic auditing and litigation support

This specialty requires a combination of detailed auditing capabilities, an understanding of business information and systems, and tactful investigation and interview skills. Our reports will give a clear picture of any corporate fraud we uncover, and we will support you through the litigation process when necessary.

Strategic business planning

Many business owners look to develop a business plan in an effort to obtain financing, and it’s a very helpful tool for this purpose. But a solid plan can also help you focus your resources and get your leadership team on the same page. You might use it when expanding, introducing a new product or service, or planning an acquisition. No matter what the purpose, we can help you see the start-up and operating costs, predict potential revenue and profits, and provide a break-even analysis.

Succession planning

Whether your successors are family members, colleagues, or outside buyers, we can help you prepare your succession plan from a tax, commercial, financial, and risk perspective. We’ll collaborate with your legal team to explore all of your options and ensure that you maximize the value of your years of hard work.

Mergers and acquisitions

If your thriving business is ready to grow or expand its products and services via a merger or acquisition, we can help you understand the financial health of your potential targets. Our team will review the financial statements, revenue forecasts, and investigate the potential risks of making a move. We’ll work alongside your legal team throughout this complex process to ensure that the deal is right for your business.

Family law

In the unfortunate event of a divorce, our discreet and confidential team can collaborate with your legal team and advise you on asset valuation and financial strategies.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits

An audit can happen at any time, and if you’re selected, we can help manage the process quickly to mitigate the stress and clerical burden on your team. We’ll work with you throughout the process to make sure your rights are protected. We can also work directly with the CRA and negotiate on your behalf to manage and limit the scope of the audit.