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Magnifying glass looking at the different employer compensation costs
November 9, 2021 Article

Employees and the Cost of Owning a Small Business

When the Department of Finance announced earlier this year that it was planning to end “income sprinkling,” GGFL was at the vanguard of local protest. It’s not news to anyone that the protests have grown and the issue has since become a major thorn in the federal
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Blue and white graphic with Businessman using a dollar bill as a bridge to cross over a gap
November 22, 2019 Article

Short of Cash? 8 Alternative Sources of Business Financing

It’s a rare business that doesn’t experience the occasional financial slump. There can be many reasons for a downturn: From an unexpected dip in the national economy to something relatively simple and short term, such as a major customer who doesn’t pay on time.
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Eric and Josh standing next to GGFL banner
May 29, 2019 Event

GGFL Beyond the Numbers Event

There are two things that employees dislike: Change and things that stay as they are. So said Future of Work author Eric Termuende, guest speaker at GGFL's second annual Beyond the Numbers event, held at Dow's Lake on May 22. GGFL invited Termuende to give our
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Entering Startup Road Sign
August 8, 2016 Article

Common Pitfalls of Start-up Organizations

Starting a business is exciting, but it can also be a daunting task. Many will struggle to succeed because of mistakes made during the initial start-up phase. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid so you can get started on the right
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Calculator with the word success written in the digital screen
November 4, 2015 Article

Tips on Evaluating Your Company’s Success

Congratulations! Your sales are the highest they’ve ever been, your company has won numerous contracts through the competitive bidding process, and the future has never seemed so promising. You feel as though you have finally found the key to successful bidding and
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