GGFL welcomes a new partner

GGFL welcomes a new partner

GGFL is delighted to announce that tax and business valuation specialist Kody Wilson has joined our firm’s partner team.

Kody, who joined GGFL six years ago from one of Canada’s largest accounting firms was, most recently, a Principal in our tax and advisory group.

“Tax issues are a major focus for GGFL,” said senior colleague and former Managing Partner Deborah Bourchier, “and Kody brings invaluable tax experience to the leadership table. He has big firm experience but also understands that the key to GGFL’s success lies not only in our professional skills but in the care we take in developing and maintaining our relationships with clients.”

Bourchier praised Kody’s leadership during the 2018 federal tax changes.

“Kody is an excellent tax practitioner,” she said, “and as those huge, complex changes to tax rules unfolded last year, he calmly guided us all through the implications and how best to deal with them.”

Kody said he is looking forward to the challenges that joining the partnership group will present and the increased responsibilities and expectations.

“What attracted me to GGFL was the diversity of work, and the opportunity to really make a difference working directly with local entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses,” he said. “GGFL is such a service focused business and I love the amount of client interaction I have on a daily basis.

“I couldn’t be more excited about joining this group of local business leaders,” he added.

Along with his skills in the tax field, Kody is also a Chartered Business Valuator.

“GGFL has given me the opportunity to work both in tax and business valuation,” he said, “and that is great news for our clients as it provides me the ability to provide unique insight for them.”

Aside from the increased interaction with current and potential clients, being a partner also means more involvement in staff mentoring, recruiting and GGFL leadership.

“GGFL has a culture of collaboration and teamwork,” he said. “We have a ‘firm first’ mentality in how we operate our business that ensures employee and client satisfaction.

“There is very little staff turnover at GGFL,” he added, “and that collaborative culture and the energy we put into staff development and relationships are the reasons why.”