New HR Director Fosters GGFL's Great Work Culture

Jaclyn Bier, CHRL Director of Human Resources at GGFL

New Director of Human Resources Fosters GGFL’s Great Work Culture

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At GGFL, we are focused on hiring the best and brightest, and giving all our staff members the opportunity to learn and grow professionally.

We pride ourselves on our caring work environment.

We believe that a happy, dedicated work force equals happy, satisfied clients, and we strive to achieve both; which is an appropriate point to introduce our new Director of Human Resources (HR) Jaclyn Bier.

Jaclyn’s job is to ensure GGFL’s culture, developed and updated over decades by generations of senior leadership, is kept on track.

“GGFL is heavily focused on learning and development and having an open door culture,” she says. “That’s very important to this firm and something that has been part of the organization since its inception. The role of HR in that process is to say to the partners and leadership team, ‘Here is what we envisage our culture to be – how can we support and know it is actually happening in our day-to-day operations?’”

“Part of my job is to ensure that the processes are in place to drive that culture,” she adds. “Everyone who works for the firm has a role in HR; however, my role is guiding the GGFL way – how we communicate, how we train, and how we engage our team throughout the year.”

There are many pieces to the culture of any workplace; however, at GGFL, we are especially proud of our staff’s commitment to helping each other. It isn’t written in stone, or ordered from on high; it’s the way we do things.

Senior staff are always open to answering questions from anyone on our team, and offer advice when it is asked for. There are no barriers to inter-staff communication at GGFL.

HR is the face of recruitment. “When candidates apply, HR sets the tone,” says Jaclyn. “It is important to be open and honest with candidates during the recruitment process, so that when new employees join the firm, they find the environment that we had told them to expect. So, from the outset, it’s important we map out what our strengths are, and what our culture stands for. We want to make sure our values align with those of the candidate.”

When great talent is hired, HR has a key role in retaining those employees. “It’s one thing to get people in the door,” adds Jaclyn, “but, it’s also important that we continue developing them and providing what they need for their own career development. I feel strongly about career development and ensuring staff are challenged in their roles.”

Jaclyn has only been with GGFL for a short time, but says every partner she has met has spoken about the importance of the firm’s culture.

“They are all concerned that we help our employees grow within the organization, and that we continue to foster a fun atmosphere,” she says.