They call me “Boomerang” — Sarah Tremblay, CPA, CA

Sarah Tremblay CPA, CA at GGFL

They call me “Boomerang” — Sarah Tremblay, CPA, CA

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I am what is known here as a boomerang. I left the firm to try something different, and then returned.  Here is my story.

Sarah’s Story

I started my career as a GGFL co-op student in 2008, and was hired full time in 2010. After four years at the firm, I decided to move on to a new chapter of my career and leave public accounting. It was the classic “the grass is always greener on the other side” story. Several of my friends had done the same.

Honestly, I was never really comfortable with the decision, and began having real doubts before I even left GGFL. I made the mistake of making the decision before having a real and honest conversation with my mentors and the firm’s partners. I hadn’t even asked what could be next for me at the firm.

So, on to my new life I went and I gave it a good, honest shot. Like anything new, it was exciting at first, but that excitement turned to boredom within two or three months. I expressed my desire for a challenge to my new bosses, but it was clear that it wasn’t the right place for me.

A Warm Welcome Back

Luckily, GGFL had not forgotten about me. Around this same time, one of the partners reached out to see how I was doing. The door was open for a possible return and within six months I was back at GGFL gearing up for another busy season.

I don’t think it would be fair to say I regret leaving, because it taught me a lot about myself, what I want from my career, and more importantly what I don’t want.

Engaging Work: Challenge and Variety

GGFL, as a mid-sized firm, is perfect for me. I want to be challenged and I want variety in my work. That combination can be hard to come by, but GGFL more than delivers.

I didn’t like sitting on the sidelines. At GGFL, I’m in the starting lineup as a trusted advisor and problem solver, providing clients with knowledge and guidance. We are a team in every sense of the word. When I left, I missed the lively debate, the meetings and research. I missed learning from my peers, managers, and partners. Our work is very collaborative and I thrive on that.

My Firm Supports Me

My desire for professional development is supported by the firm. They send us on external courses, offer internal updates and training, and encourage us to read and learn to stay current in our field. PD goes far beyond a “chore”; it’s an investment that makes us the valued professionals that we are.

The lines of communication are wide open here. When I returned, the partners helped me see what my place could be here. They reassured me that the firm was growing and there was room for me to advance and play a large role going forward.

A story about GGFL would not be complete without talking about the people. Basically, I work with my friends, I work with my mentors, and I work with my role models. I feel supported by, and supportive of, the people here. I’m invested in the firm and believe they are invested in me.