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Laptop computer with red screen showing ransomeware attackl
May 25, 2022 Business operations

Cybercrime – The Risks and Best Practices for Protecting Your Business

Malware. Network Scanning. Man in the Middle. Phishing. DNS Spoofing. Trojan Horses. These are just a few examples of cyber-attacks carried out against small and mid-sized Canadian businesses every day. We all hear the stories and know there are risks. But how big is
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View of meeting room with employees wearing masks
November 24, 2021 Business operations

Bringing Employees Back to the Office of the Future – Webinar Recording

COVID has changed how and where we work. Employers hoping to bring staff back to the office will need to take steps to ensure each day in the office is a positive and beneficial experience for staff, including some who may be reluctant to leave the comforts of their
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Heading saying The options and steps to take to restructure/save a business with significant debt
March 4, 2021 Business operations

Options and Steps to Take to Restructure and Save a Business with Significant Debt

Many businesses across multiple sectors are facing dire financial circumstances that were unimaginable just twelve short months ago. And with government aid programs set to expire in June, business leaders are facing difficult choices that will impact their ability to
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featured image
February 16, 2021 Business operations

Re:Design – How Gabriel Pizza Transformed a Key Part of Their Operation During the Pandemic

Gabriel Pizza’s President and CEO George Hanna and Chad Saikaley‘s in-depth discussion on how Gabriel’s weathered the pandemic storm by modernizing a key part of its operation, including: How risk analysis and financial projections were used to assess
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Impact of Covid-19 on Commercial real estate
October 9, 2020 Business operations

COVID-19 Impact on Commercial Real Estate in Ottawa

In this video series, GGFL’s Natalie Evans and Sarah Vandenbelt of Koble Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on the commercial real estate market in Ottawa.  Key issues addressed for both tenants and landlords
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Cash flow management written on chalkboard with related concepts written around, and with coins, money and clock scattered
March 14, 2020 Business operations

Preparing for a Slowdown – Webinar Recording

During any economic slowdown the need to preserve cash is paramount. Will you have enough cash to keep afloat if: Webinar Recording To help you answer these questions, Anne Van Delst and Chad Saikaley presented a webinar on November 29, 2019. During this one hour
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