Options and Steps to Take to Restructure and Save a Business with Significant Debt

March 04, 2021

Many businesses across multiple sectors are facing dire financial circumstances that were unimaginable just twelve short months ago. And with government aid programs set to expire in June, business leaders are facing difficult choices that will impact their ability to survive and rebuild.

In this Beyond the Numbers presentation, GGFL’s Anne Van Delst and Valérie Bruneau of Ginsberg Gingras, licensed insolvency trustees, discuss:

  • The pros and cons and the distinction between a Division I Proposals and the Companies’ Creditors Arrangements Act (CCAA) and how to qualify for these options
  • What professionals you need to support your restructuring
  • Why you should talk to a licensed insolvency trustee before creditors issue a Notice under section 244 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Valérie and Anne will also discuss how and when to proceed with bankruptcy if the business is not viable or ceases to operate.


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