Webinar Recording: Collecting What’s Owed: Practical Steps to Keep The Cash Flowing

April 17, 2023

Businesses and consumers everywhere are navigating strong financial pressures in the form of inflation and high interest rates as well as uncertainty about the overall economy as there continues to be concerns that a recession is coming. Business owners may soon be faced with a slowdown in sales, longer delays in getting paid, and concerns about not getting paid at all.

In this webinar, GGFL’s Anne Van Delst is joined by economist Louise Southall and Faye Pang of Xero, and Eric Pierre of Unik Credit Management. The panel will provide business owners with insights on the economy and practical, proactive steps to take to maintain positive cash flow and reduce the level of unpaid receivables that can drag down a business. This webinar will include insights on the following:

  1. What changes Canadian businesses are experiencing in sales and payment times based on Xero Small Business Insights (XSBI) data findings
  2. How slower sales, late payments and inflation can impact cash flow and the red flags every business owner should watch for
  3. The consequences of prolonged negative cash-flow and strategies to prevent falling into the red
  4. Steps to implement to improve your payment time from your customers
  5. What to do when a collection agency is needed and how the process works

Our Guest Panelists

Louise Southall, Xero Economist and Faye Pang, Xero Canada Country Manager.

Xero is a leader in cloud accounting with 3.5 million subscribers worldwide. With an extensive ecosystem of connected apps and connections to banks and other financial institutions, Xero helps small businesses access a range of solutions from within its open platform to help them run their business and manage their finances.

Eric Pierre, Vice-President, Unik Credit Management

Since 1975 UCM (Unik Credit Management) has been providing clients with the best cost-effective solutions to their accounts receivables. They offer a range of services from Accounts Receivable Management, Collection and Small Claims Court representation.


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