How to Sell Your Business – Webinar Series

April 27, 2023

In the coming decade, over $2 Trillion in small business assets in Canada are expected to
change hands as 76% of owners look to bow out. For many of these owners, the sale of their
business will be their first and only experience with an M&A transaction. There is a
tremendous amount at stake for owners looking to fund their retirement or next project.

To coincide with the launch of DFK Canada’s new guide on How to Sell Your Business, DFK Canada presented a webinar series covering each topic.

Restructuring your Business for Tax Efficiency
Kody Wilson, GGFL LLP, Ottawa ON

How to Value your Business
Janece Boersma, Davis Martindale LLP, London ON

Using Projections to Help the Sale
Alden Caouette, Kingston Ross Pasnak, Edmonton AB

Laying your Cards on the Table
Jeanette Wade, Noseworthy Chapman, St John’s NL

Assessing Values for Different Purchasers
Corey Miles, Taylor Leibow, Hamilton ON

Common Forms of Consideration
Korab Ferati, Davis Martindale LLP, London ON

Management Buyouts
Lloyd Compton, MRSB Group, Charlottetown PE

Tax and Estate Planning Strategies for the Sale Proceeds
Mac Killoran, Fruitman Kates, Toronto ON

Working Capital
Andrea Harris, Buckberger Baerg & Partners, Saskatoon SK


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