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Invoice with large red PAID stamped on
April 17, 2023 Video

Webinar Recording: Collecting What’s Owed: Practical Steps to Keep The Cash Flowing

Businesses and consumers everywhere are navigating strong financial pressures in the form of inflation and high interest rates as well as uncertainty about the overall economy as there continues to be concerns that a recession is coming. Business owners may soon be
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Laptop computer with red screen showing ransomeware attackl
May 25, 2022 Business operations

Cybercrime – The Risks and Best Practices for Protecting Your Business

Malware. Network Scanning. Man in the Middle. Phishing. DNS Spoofing. Trojan Horses. These are just a few examples of cyber-attacks carried out against small and mid-sized Canadian businesses every day. We all hear the stories and know there are risks. But how big is
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View of meeting room with employees wearing masks
November 24, 2021 Business operations

Bringing Employees Back to the Office of the Future – Webinar Recording

COVID has changed how and where we work. Employers hoping to bring staff back to the office will need to take steps to ensure each day in the office is a positive and beneficial experience for staff, including some who may be reluctant to leave the comforts of their
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Arial shot of the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa
April 28, 2021 Video

The New Official Plan, COVID-19 and the Future of Living and Working in Ottawa – Webinar Recording

The pandemic has caused a major upheaval in the way we live and work. As businesses begin to plan for the future and the opportunities of our post-COVID world, these changes will have a major impact on strategic priorities. Adding to the changing business environment
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Heading saying GGFL's Beyond the Numbers Series 2021 How Gordon McMmillian is rebuilding his branding agency
March 9, 2021 Expanding your business

How Gordon McMillan is Rebuilding his Branding Agency

For Ottawa’s leading branding agency, McMillan, hard times happened even before the pandemic struck. In this ‘Beyond the Numbers’ presentation, host Anne Van Delst and guest Gordon McMillan discuss the choices Gordon faced in 2019 as revenues collapsed
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Heading saying The options and steps to take to restructure/save a business with significant debt
March 4, 2021 Business operations

Options and Steps to Take to Restructure and Save a Business with Significant Debt

Many businesses across multiple sectors are facing dire financial circumstances that were unimaginable just twelve short months ago. And with government aid programs set to expire in June, business leaders are facing difficult choices that will impact their ability to
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