ShareFile FAQ


ShareFile FAQ

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Why ShareFile?

Citrix is a leader in online security and is used worldwide by all industries including accounting, financial institutions, and legal. ShareFile, owned by Citrix, is a highly secure, large-scale file storage and sharing platform, which allows users to send and receive encrypted files and emails from the cloud or directly from Microsoft Outlook. Data security is a key selling point for ShareFile; your files are encrypted both during transfers, and when they are at rest on ShareFile’s servers, housed in Amazon data centres located in Canada. ShareFile also allows its users to configure their own settings and administrative controls and set up multi-factor authentication for logging into your account, which even further enhances the security of your files. For more information on ShareFile security, see the link below.

I forgot my password

If you are a ShareFile user and can’t remember your password please click here and follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password.  If your email is not recognized, send an email to and let us know.

Can I just email my file to GGFL?

While we do everything we can to protect your information, we also know that email is increasingly vulnerable to attack. Since the information we share is highly sensitive, our standard policy is to only share electronic files through ShareFile.

Can I share portal files?

You cannot forward an email that has been sent via ShareFile or share the file notification.  Once you download files, you can share them in the same manner you share any confidential files in your work environment.

How do I grant access to my online portal to someone else?

If you wish to add another user to your portal, please email and provide your details as well as the name and email address for the additional user.  Please note that this person will remain as a user on your portal until you advise otherwise, and will have access to all documents located in your portal.

Is there a file size limit?

There is no file size limit for files uploaded to ShareFile.

How secure is ShareFile?

For an overview and more in-depth information on ShareFile’s security, please read their ShareFile Security FAQ

How will I know when GGFL has sent me a file?

You will be notified by email any time we upload a file to your portal.  The email will include the name of the file and with one click you will be at the document and able to view or download.


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